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Flirting is a great activity that could boost your self-esteem by folds when done the right way. A little secret between you and me: they practice their moves. Some people envy flirts for they have that certain �je ne sais quoi� that draws people to them.

You do not have to be as beautiful as the movie stars to know how to flirt.

Other people hate flirts, for they think that they are self-centered and such.

No matter what people think about flirts, you cannot deny that it is great fun, yes?

If you want to be an effective flirt, there are certain tips about behaviours that you can work with and have people enjoy your company all the more.

Flirting doesn t necessarily mean that you are looking for a long-term relationship, it simply means you like having fun. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and you can convey a million words with just a look. But there are several different smiles too: happy, sad, sarcastic, naughty, polite and bored.make sure that you use the one you try to convey. There is something about necks that gets people s attention, so go on and use that to your advantage.

Here are a few tips to remember before you start flirting with someone. Practice your looks: happy & sad, naughty & nice, mischievous, polite, bored, etc. If you are not sure about your smiles, practice, girl! But be careful, you might get a cramp from leaning over too much.

Lock eyes with your target for a few seconds and drop your gaze. I repeat, DO NOT stare a hole into the guy s head, ok? Just a little extension here for a while would do the trick. You never know how much fun you ll have if you never try it.

You don t have to expose your neck as if you are offering it to a vampire.


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