Woohyun and chorong dating site

When everyone had forgotten about him Chorong had bought him chocopies and a candle for him on his birthday. Except Chorong’s received an offer to go overseas to study music.

A year passes and Woohyun is out with Sungyeol who asks him if he’s seen Chorong because he saw her back in Seoul. a Happy Birthday please ~ This video is dedicated to her. You're the best and let's be honest, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't really be here - on this beautiful ship... I hope you enjoy this and appreciate the song selection because as much as I love it by itself - there's another reason I definitely decided to go with it - hahah Mirror, get it?

Woohyun ponders about their last phone conversation wondering why she didn’t tell him she was back in Seoul. Don't take this re-upload/re-edit it for your own video. /lame/ - Anyways Happy Birthday ♥ ~ I love you ~ Plot: There's none, not really, just enjoy how beautiful this ship is and what type of a couple they'd be.

Except it was just that Chorong had only intended to surprise him with her return. Cute, fluffy, angsty and totally perfect."Remember how you said best friends don't lie to each other?

that we never keep secrets from each other well here's mine - I think I've fallen in love with you" When something is precious to you, you want to protect it, you would never do anything to jeopardize.

Nam Woohyun and Park Chorong have been the best of friends for years and dated for 2; but when you've been friends for this long, why would you want it to change?

"The next thing I want to do with my life - is to ask you to be my wife." Note: I have an assignment due in two days ~ So what do I do make a video :) Been meaning to make this video for ages to be honest, with this song. Also according to Chorong Woohyun Sunbaenim is cool!

just saying ekekek Plot: The day before Chorong's birthday, she receives a letter from Woohyun saying that they were breaking up.

Seeing this Naeun goes and looks for Myungsoo for an explanation, however he's having problems of his own and not willing to talk.

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