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*These tide times are estimates based on the nearest port (Sheerness, England) and may differ by up to half and hour depending on distance.

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Rain clearing early Sunday, leaving a bright but breezy day. Updated at: 0313 on Thu Rather cloudy across England and Wales with the odd spot of rain possible, but some bright spells too.

Clear and sunny to start in Northern Ireland and Scotland, but some heavy, blustery showers in the late afternoon.

Showers easing in Northern Ireland this evening, but continuing through Scotland and starting to affect northern England.

Otherwise it will be a mostly clear but cold night across the UK.

Bands of rain are likely to cross the country with stronger winds at times, these intermixed with some drier episodes.

Northwestern parts should see the wettest weather and stronger winds, with southeastern parts favoured for the best of the drier weather.

That said, there is a chance that quieter periods of weather may develop across much the UK at times.

Temperatures probably averaging out near normal, though during any colder spells overnight frosts becoming increasingly likely, mainly in the north.

After a bright start in Northern Ireland and Scotland it will turn wet and windy with gales possible, and some heavy rain at times. Saturday wet and windy in the north-west, sunny and breezy elsewhere with rain later.

Sunday windy with sunshine, and heavy showers in the north. Updated at: 0411 on Thu Monday will see sunshine and showers, heavy and thundery in places.

Wet and windy weather is likely to spread into western parts later, moving east through Tuesday, with sunshine and showers following.

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