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The name Bremont – French in origin – comes from the familial name of a farmer who sheltered the brothers and their 1930s biplane after an emergency landing on his property in the late 1990s (it turned out that the elderly Mr.Bremont had been a wartime pilot) Thankful for his hospitality and kinship, the brothers named their startup watch company in his honor.

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Seven years later, both Nick and Giles left their careers in finance to pursue the formation of Bremont in his memory.

Along with evocative terminology like “heritage,” “innovative,” and “superlative,” “passion” is often used to describe a brand’s commitment to producing high-end modern timepieces with an emotional, almost personal touch.

In many cases, this term is applied purely as a marketing ploy, not a sincere declaration of the values inherent in their charter.

This is a big part of why I am an unabashed vintage watch snob.

My love for old watches started as an interest, blossomed into a hobby, spiraled into an obsession, and finally came full circle as a career.

When I buy a vintage timepiece, I do it out of passion; marketing doesn’t even factor in.

Of the many reasons I love vintage horology, one of the most pleasant is the total lack of spin, which is prevalent in the new timepiece industry and difficult to see through at times.

That said, selecting Bremont for my collection was easy, as they impressed me so greatly with the obvious and genuine passion that drives them.

We watch enthusiasts are generally a pretty solid and reasonable bunch, but we aren’t perfect.

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