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by jimnastics at 5/16/2016 AMI've seen a fairly new (to me) Volvo commercial a couple of times recently.

There's really nothing special about the commercial, except in the background is a woman with a slightly sexy demure voice with just the hint of an lispy accent repeatedly singing, "no one can control me.

This is what I'm made of." and the music is sort of a blasé easy listening tempo.

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I mean, wouldn't you want to be able to easily control the car you are considering for purchase ?

Would you want to want to buy a car you couldn't control ?

It might be somewhat forgivable it they were advertising a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, or Corvette, or some other racy car with massive amounts of power and used those lyrics with a hard rock tempo. Doing a little research I figured out the singer is Viola Martinsson. v=RNu EVSd466k Volvo is a Swedish made car and they used a much more complete version of the song along with a very sweet family video for THEIR commercial. v=DAr7gx5Owsc But, when the US watered it down to a 30 second commercial, they only retained the 2 lines repeatedly "no one can control me.

This is what I'm made of." making the message the opposite of the underlying intent.

It’s not because you don’t love them (the shows sold out a while back) or that they don’t love you (they do).

Below, please find a note from Big Terrific, full of tender love and promises.

If you purchased tickets for either of these shows, your money will automatically be refunded.

(If 2 Dope Queens send us an apology, we’ll let you know about that, too.) There’s a chance we’ll slot something else in there, so keep your eyes peeled. Club—best city and best website, respectively—and were crazy excited to perform at the festival.

Then, I was thinking if there were any worse songs to use for a car commercial and I immediately came up with 'Shake, Rattle & Roll' (Big Joe Turner, later Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis Presley) https://


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