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As the War continues, Amuro and the White Base crew must make their way toward the Earth Federation Headquarters, Jaburo.

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Amuro soon learns that he possesses the powers of the mysterious Newtypes.

(Source: Otakufreakmk2)Mobile Suit Gundam: the Movie Trilogy is the definitive incarnation of the massively influential Mobile Suit Gundam TV series.

It may not be perfect, but it definitely deserves its lofty status in the history of anime as a proven classic.

As one cannot have one part of the trilogy without the others, this review will cover all three of the compilation movies.

The first question on any new viewer's mind regarding the story of Mobile Suit Gundam: the Movie Trilogy (MSG) would be: "Do the films condense too much story from the TV series to fit into its limited run time? MSG takes the liberty to cut some of the flab from the original series and manages very well in terms of preserving the integrity of the story.

The pacing may strike as a little faster than usual, but there are no glaring problems pertaining to the question above.The story of MSG follows the crew of White Base, a secret earth federation battleship housing the RX-78-2 Gundam.The protagonist, Amuro Ray, makes the difficult transition from an ordinary civilian to the ace pilot of the federation military, along with a number of other civilians who were also pulled into the conflict against the Principality of Zeon when their space colony was destroyed by a Zeon attack, the purpose of which was to destroy the White Base, along with the experimental mobile suits being developed in secrecy.The long journey aboard the White Base exposes Amuro to many ugly facets of war far beyond the destruction of his home and the loss of life.In the midst of it all, Amuro is burdened with the responsibility of risking life and limb to protect his friends and comrades aboard the White Base, a target of constant Zeon attack, with the gundam.All this weaves an engrossing tale of struggle and growth, rife with challenges on and off the battlefield, making MSG a very interesting war story.


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