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Francisco Székely is an academic and an international consultant on environmental affairs who served as Mexico's Deputy Minister of Environment (2000–2003). He graduated with future Friends star Matt Le Blanc, with whom he would later be nominated in the same category at the Primetime Emmy Awards multiple times. Inspired by the work ethic of fellow comedian George Carlin, who had committed to dropping all of his existing material and starting over every year, C. launched his first hour-long special, Shameless, in 2007, which aired on HBO and was later released on DVD. has said that "failure is the road to becoming a great comedian." On April 18, 2009, C. He returned to host the show for a second time on March 29, 2014 and a third time on May 16, 2015; he was once again nominated in the Emmys for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for both episodes. attended Newton North High School, and graduated in 1985. starred in a half-hour HBO special as part of the stand-up series One Night Stand. Unlike his previous specials—which had all been produced for television networks—Hilarious was produced independently, directed by C. himself, and sold to Epix and Comedy Central after it was complete. As of December 21, 2011, the sales of the special from C. K.'s character is calling to promote a gig in Kansas City. He also worked with Robert Smigel on TV Funhouse shorts exclusively for Saturday Night Live, with topics ranging from politics to surrealism. innovated direct-to-consumer distribution of his and others' work, selling tickets via his website in DRM-free format. It doesn't make sense to me that you'd have the same solution to every issue." He sent an e-mail to those subscribed to his mailing list in March 2016, criticizing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, likening him to Adolf Hitler and calling him an "insane bigot," but added "He's not a monster. Like Hilarious, it was produced independently and directed by C. However, unlike his earlier work, it was distributed digitally on the comedian's website, foregoing both physical and broadcast media. At the end of the special, the release of a new album, recorded at Carnegie Hall the previous year, is mentioned. It is also sold and distributed using the same model as C. Lucky Louie is described as a bluntly realistic portrayal of family life. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for writing on his 2008 special, Chewed Up. The film was co-directed by Chris Renaud of the Despicable Me series, and was released on July 8, 2016. In the Louie episode "Barney / Never", Opie, Anthony, and Norton (along with comedian Amy Schumer) play the on-air talent of a stereotypical wacky morning radio program into which C. has been an occasional guest on The Bob & Tom Show, a showcase for comedians. sold tickets for his stand-up tour, circumventing large ticket outlets (e.g., Ticketmaster), creatively bypassing their overhead and the venues they control. I think when someone falls into one category for everything, I'm very suspicious.

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talked about how, after his divorce, he thought, "well, there goes my act." He alluded to the way that his marriage had been central to his act and his life, and he said that it took him approximately a year to realize "I'm accumulating stories here that are worth telling." One element in his preparation for stand-up was training in the boxing gym, including with Lowell, Massachusetts fighter Micky Ward, trying to "learn how to ... His work for The Chris Rock Show was nominated for an Emmy Award for writing three times, winning "Best Writing in a Variety or Comedy Series" in 1999. wrote and directed the feature film Pootie Tang, which was adapted from a sketch that was featured on The Chris Rock Show and featured Chris Rock in a supporting role. starred in and wrote Lucky Louie, a sitcom he created. has been nominated five times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (2011, 2012, 2013, 20) for his work in Louie and won two Emmys in 2011 for the Louie episode "Pregnant" During the 2014 Television Critics Association presentations, FX Networks' John Landgraf reported that Louie would return in spring 2015 for a shortened fifth season of seven episodes—compared to the 13 episodes of prior seasons. The self-financed series received a significantly positive reaction from critics, who largely focused on the performances of the veteran cast that includes C. was also a part of Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus Comedy Tour with other comedians in 2007. had hosted over 107 hours of radio with Opie & Anthony.

released his sixth one hour special Live at The Comedy Store recorded, unlike his past few specials, at a club, The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. He has been quoted as describing his approach to writing as a "deconstruction" that is both painful and frightening. would be writing, directing and starring in a film titled I'm A Cop that was going be produced by Scott Rudin, Dave Becky, and long-time associate, Blair Breard, with a budget of $8 million. K co-starred in the biographical drama film Trumbo as a composite character based on five different screenwriters who were blacklisted in Hollywood for their alleged ties to the Communist party during the 1940s. On January 30, 2016, he released the first episode of the tragicomic drama series Horace and Pete to his website, without any prior announcements. James Poniewozik of the New York Times said of the series "it may best be described as a Cheers spec script by Eugene O’Neill: a snapshot of a family — and a country — suffering a hangover decades in the making".

mentioned the material was intended to be an exercise in creating an act which hearkened back to his early days of working in comedy clubs. The New York University Tisch School of the Arts showed an interest in him as a filmmaker, but he instead decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. K.'s early writing jobs included the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Dana Carvey Show, and The Chris Rock Show. and actor/comedian Albert Brooks would be co-creating, co-writing, executive producing, and providing the voices for the two main characters in an upcoming animated series pilot for FX. directed, wrote, and starred in the series as bar owner Horace, alongside Steve Buscemi, who portrays co-owner Pete.

was 17, he directed the comedic short film Trash Day.

Watch Louie Online In the first segment, the conversation during a poker game becomes an intense exploration of gay culture.

In the second segment, after Louie’s brother (Robert Kelly) depresses him about the finality of his divorce, Louie reminisces about a high school crush (played by Nicole Ehinger), subsequently looking her up on Facebook.

He had supporting acting roles in the films The Invention of Lying (2009), American Hustle, Blue Jasmine (both 2013), and Trumbo (2015). He released his debut comedy album, Live in Houston, in 2001 directly through his website and became among the first performers to offer direct-to-fan sales of tickets to his stand-up shows, as well as DRM-free video concert downloads, via his website. He is known for his use of observational, self-deprecating, dark and vulgar humor.

Louie, an acclaimed semi-autobiographical comedy-drama series that C. created, stars in, writes, directs, executive produces, and is the primary editor of, began airing in 2010 on FX. created and starred in his web series Horace and Pete in 2016, and voiced the lead role in the animated film The Secret Life of Pets the same year. has released nine comedy albums in his career, often directing and editing their specials as well. has won a 2012 Peabody Award He has won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album twice. K.'s stand-up special Shameless number three on their "Divine Comedy: 25 Best Stand-Up Specials and Movies of All Time" list. She attended University of Michigan and graduated from Ohio State University Phi Beta Kappa.

As an infant he learned Spanish as his first language, learning English once he moved back to the U. Also in this period, he was directing surreal short films and went on to direct two features—Tomorrow Night (1998) and Pootie Tang (2001)—before he starred in the short-lived HBO television sitcom Lucky Louie in 2006. K.'s paternal grandmother, Rosario Sánchez Morales. She graduated from Owosso High School in Owosso, Michigan.


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