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Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime shows currently running.

The initial idea was enjoyable, but Sword Art Online gradually moved away from handling the sociological and psychological aspects to focus on Kirito's growing harem and fanservice (of the sexual and non-sexual variety).

I eventually stopped watching the anime and moved onto Log Horizon which has some of the same issues, but goes further into the original premise.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is partial sequel to Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment for PSP, upgrading the original game with an entirely new zone, improved visuals, and a new plot.

Early Sword Art Online takes place in Aincrad, a 100-floor mega dungeon with players living and fighting on various floors.

Episode 14 of the anime ended on floor 75 with the defeat of the floor boss, Skull Reaper, and the game's operator Akihiko Kayaba.

It's here that Hollow Fragment picks up its story, tasking the player with fighting their way to floor 100.

It's an alternate reality take on what happened at the end of the original story arc.

Hollow Fragment plays like the games of another "people trapped in an MMO" series, . Combat simulates play in an MMO; you control Kirito and one partner as they clear Aincrad's floors or the all-new six-level Hollow Area.

This means a lot of repeated tactics and grinding, without the benefit of other players to actually talk to.

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