Watch indie sex 2007 online

Think back to the American independent film boom (sometimes known as “indiewood”) of the nineties.

You can see them in their own peculiar type of action by watching the picture free online.

The first slacker to appear, a deeply conflicted motormouth in the back seat of a taxi, comes played by Linklater himself.

He seems normal enough, essentially an aimless late-twentysomething you still meet in coffee shops today.

But as the camera drifts from block to block, from neighborhood to Austin neighborhood, picking up on any low-momentum story it can, behaviors turn stranger.

Fascinating look at sex in cinema, from the beginning of film to what's happening now (or, well, 2007 when the show was filmed).

A well-rounded cast gives a diverse look at the subject, which explores many different aspects of the subject, why we react the way we do, where film has gone before and where it's going in the future.

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