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British movie dubbed “Eye In The Sky” has attracted criticisms from Kenyans with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura being among those that were throwing burps.

“Eye In The Sky” is a movie about a hunt for terrorists in Nairobi who are being targeted by a drone. This was the reason why Waihiga Mwaura was irritated by the British movie.

The Citizen TV sports anchor says “Eye In The Sky” portrays Kenya as a terrorist hub and scares aware potential tourists who would have wanted to visit the country.

And even to make matters worse, Kenya didn’t benefit from the shooting of the movie as it was shot in South Africa.

Waihiga blasted British movie saying such kind of movies was the reason why tourists are now preferring Tanzania and Zanzibar instead of Kenya.

“This movie nullifies the efforts of the Kenyan Govt to market Kenya as a safe destination.Eastleigh is portrayed as the wild, wild west where armed militia operate in plain site on dusty roads . Thousands actually millions of potential tourists must have watched this movie.No wonder they are all headed to Tanzania & Zanzibar.” Waihiga Mwaura wrote.Ever wondered what it takes to be at the top of your field or profession?Or what it’s like to live life in the glare of news cameras and ‘Twitterazzi‘?TV anchor Waihiga Mwaura tells @bwibz how his journey and experiences in the media profession have transformed his world in this eye opening @Chitchat interview.

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