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Slick, suave and cooler than a penguin's knackers, Soderbergh's starry update of the Rat Pack crime caper not only outshines its predecessor, but all the lights of The Strip combined.Read our Ocean's Eleven review The never-ending stream of sequels may have diminished its impact, but there's no denying the shock we got when we first entered the puzzle-loving psycho Jigsaw's fiendish, deathtrapped world.

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A martial-arts opus packed with emotion, beauty and plenty of elegant ass-kickery, it's the ultimate fusion of action and art.

Read our Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon review It may have been a slighter return than some people had hoped for, but Singer's vision of the Man Of Steel is an heroic effort.

Plenty of spectacle and a lot of heart helps Kal-El soar.

Read our Superman Returns review Elvis plays up to his rock 'n' roll bad-boy image as a former lag who gets into the music biz, becomes famous and grows a hell of an ego.

Featuring a bunch of classic tunes, it's The King's best movie.

It's a dog-eat-dog world in this superb, multi-stranded drama.

Man's best friend (and one car crash) may provide the connection between three disparate people, but it's the director's assured control that keeps it all together.

Read Review Wyler's version of Lew Wallace's novel may have been the third adaptation to hit the big screen but, boy, was it the biggest.

A huge budget and an exhausting shoot were rewarded with 11 Oscars and an epic for the ages.

Read Review Johnson's impressive debut finds Hammett-style P. stories re-staged in a high school as the superb Joseph Gordon-Levitt sets about investigating the suspicious death of a former girlfriend.

Read Review This coming-of-age tale from the Judd Apatow school of comedy succeeds by genuinely caring for its lovable loser heroes - doesn't stop it from hilariously putting the pair through the wringer, though.


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