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Daryl continues to use his manipulative tricks as he convinces Wendy that he needs to acquire six keys of heroin to help pay for a lawyer for Kendall.

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5.12 Starvation Timothy Olyphant has been quoted as saying that he would like to see the series come to an end with a final confrontation between the characters of Raylan, Boyd and Ava, and this week's episode seem to be setting up a scenario where Mr Olyphant will get his wish.

Raylan's time with Ava is short but important because he attempts to use her as a means to destroy Boyd and when she does not acquiesce to his demands he is more than disgusted by her decision.

Ava is the one who reminds us all that Raylan was the man who not only seduced her right after she had shot and killed her husband but that he was also the one primarily responsible for destroying her life.

Being put into such a broken down emotional state is exactly what allowed Ava to wind up embracing Boyd in the first place.

Moreover, the irony of the situation is not lost on Raylan as he essentially acknowledges that Ava is not wrong to question his motives.

However, what makes their meeting all the more tragic is that when Raylan returns to visit Ava she has decided that she will give Boyd up because the white supremacist group which has been trying to bring Ava down ever since she first appeared in the prison has decided that her time is up.By aggressively killing her friend Penny, Ava knows that she is running out of options.In a further ironic twist, Boyd, unbeknownst to Ava, has already agreed to help Raylan and Ava's desperate plea to Raylan is completely meaningless.Now, Ava may finally see that Raylan always viewed their relationship as a meaningless endeavour.Boyd has no choice but to agree to help Raylan because Mr Yoon's cartel is out for revenge and Boyd is their number one target.Wynn has once again decided, seemingly against his better judgment, to help Boyd.


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