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Winner Series is specially designed to withstand high fluctuation power.

Built-in input OVCD, it becomes a rugged UPS to protect your equipment against extreme high voltage.

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Output performance and availability are the criteria for removal steps 2 k VA Poweactive Online UPS the modular construction you achieve thereby an optimal price-performance ratio: The system grows according to your needs.

Advanced Microprocessor Control Power failure, power restores, battery failure or other events will be detected and the user informed.

A shutdown will be initiated when the batteries are exhausted or a critical technical problem occurs Green Mode Function The NAET Series switches to bypass when no load is present, but immediately switches back to inverter when the load returns.

This feature offers more economical operation when power supply is more reliable without compromising the protection of the load RS 232A simple, clear visual display.

The powerful R&D ability insures that products and solutions are the best choice for critical power applications.

The product lines cover modular UPS, high frequency UPS, low frequency UPS, EPS, inverter, telecom rectifier, battery.

With our own complete intellectual properly rights, the power ranges from 0.5k VA to 800k VA.

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The UPS management software is installed on a server or workstation connected to each UPS via the serial port.


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