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"Moving forward, we plan to continue to focus our efforts on growing our business and taking care of our customers, as we have always done.

The withdrawal of our registration statement does not change the overall fundamentals of Go Daddy's business, which remain quite strong." In an entry on his blog, Parsons offered additional details on the company's performance.

"This decision comes after the best quarter in the company’s history," he wrote. had GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) revenue of $56,985,000, a net accounting loss of $733,000 and positive cash flow from operations of $14,240,000.

This compares to the 2nd Qtr 2005 when our GAAP revenue was $31,082,000, and we had a net accounting loss of $3,389,000, and positive cash flow from operations was $6,871,000." Nonetheless, Parsons said, the timing was not right to move forward.

"I don’t expect market conditions to correct themselves for sometime," he wrote.

"I feel we owe it to ourselves to withdraw our filing until better and more stable times arrive." Parsons also said Go Daddy's losses and financial performance had been misunderstood due to deferred revenue from products that have been paid for but not delivered, such as multi-year registrations of domain names and SSL certificates.

While the sale of these products provides Go Daddy with excellent cash flow, the revenue cannot be applied to earnings until the product is delivered on its renewal date.

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Domain registrar Go Daddy has decided not to attempt an initial public offering, citing difficult market conditions, the company said yesterday.


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