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Viewing the actual image from each respective description page will show its animation in a compatible browser.

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Instead, you should consider updating a previous notification, either by changing some of its values or by adding to it, or both.

The following section describes how to update notifications and also how to remove them.

To set up a notification so it can be updated, issue it with a notification ID by calling with the same ID you used previously.

The following snippet demonstrates a notification that is updated to reflect the number of events that have occurred.

in collaboration with the W3C Synchronized Multimedia Working Group, developers of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.

The SYMM Working Group, in collaboration with the SVG Working Group, has authored the SMIL Animation specification, which represents a general-purpose XML animation feature set.

SVG incorporates the animation features defined in the SMIL Animation specification and provides some SVG specific extensions.

The following code snippets demonstrate three techniques to create animated SVG on compatible browsers.

The relevant parts are in function rotate(evt) { var object = Element By Id('rot'); set Interval(function () { var now = new Date(); var milliseconds = Time() % 1000; var degrees = milliseconds * 0.36; // 360 degrees in 1000 ms Attribute('transform', 'rotate(' + degrees + ')'); }, 20); } This specifies that the value of ‘attribute Name’ is the name of an XML attribute defined in the default XML namespace for the target element.


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