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Brown invariably solves the case by exposing this inconsistency, in the "Answers" section in the back of the book.

Often, these books follow a formula wherein the first chapter involves Brown solving a case at the dinner table for his father, the local police chief in the fictional seaside town of Idaville in an unspecified state.

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Encyclopedia solves these cases by briefly closing his eyes while he thinks deeply, then asking a single question which directly leads to him finding the solution.

The second mystery often begins in the Brown garage on Rover Avenue, where Encyclopedia has set up his own detective agency to help neighborhood children solve cases for "25 cents per day, plus expenses - No case too small." This second case usually involves the town bully and mischief maker Bugs Meany, leader of a gang who call themselves the Tigers, who, after being foiled, will attempt revenge in the third mystery.

In the third mystery, the plot involves Encyclopedia's partner, close friend, and bodyguard, Sally Kimball, the one person under 12 years of age to physically stand up to Bugs.

She is the only reason neither Bugs nor any of his Tigers ever try to physically attack Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia tends to dislike anyone whom Sally has a crush on, possibly indicating that he has a crush on her.

Also intelligent, Sally once attempted—in the first book of the series—to prove herself smarter than Encyclopedia by stumping him with a mystery of her own creation.

Ironically the contest was held at the Tigers' clubhouse, with Bugs and the others cheering him on.

However, she was beaten in the contest (although Encyclopedia admitted that she almost tricked him), after which she became his friend.

Encyclopedia Brown is a series of books featuring the adventures of boy detective Leroy Brown, nicknamed "Encyclopedia" for his intelligence and range of knowledge.

The series of 29 children's novels was written (one co-written) by Donald J.

Sobol, with the first book published in 1963 and the last novel published posthumously, in 2012.

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