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50% of the user credentials belong to Russians and 40% are from European region.

Altogether about 20million users have used these email addresses at 345,000 distinct domains.

For instance, out of the 20million, 7million users logged in to Topface using whereas 2.5million from and 2.3million from This website is although free however, users need to pay for getting their profiles highlighted and publicized on the site.

Russian dating service Topface has paid a hacker an undisclosed sum to return 20 million customer email addresses he stole -- but the company would prefer if you wouldn't refer to the exchange of goods for stolen information as a ransom, thank you very much.

The hacker is said to have made off with only the email addresses; he didn't get the passwords associated with those emails, nor did he compromise any payments data.

Topface claims that it doesn't manage any of its customers' credit card information.

None of those email addresses were shared with others.

A Russian dating website that had 20 million email addresses stolen last week, has paid the hackers not to sell the information, Tech Week Europe reports.

Topface, a dating website with an estimated 92 million users, had its data breached last week as reported by We Live Security here.

The company’s Chief Executive Dmitry Filatov explained how they tracked down the hacker based on adverts looking to sell the data, and paid him for discovered a security weakness, saying in an email to Reuters, “We have paid him an award for finding a vulnerability and agreed on further cooperation in the field of data security.” “As we made an agreement with him we do not see any reason for him to break it,” he added. David Lewis, writing a security column in Forbes, expressed concern that this sets a “horrible precedent.” Lewis wrote, “By paying out to this person what guarantees does that provide that another will not try the same thing? This will serve as encouragement for others to try similar things with other targets.” The motives of the attack were not entirely clear.

When interviewed by International Business Times last week, the hacker – who goes by the moniker Mastermind – reportedly explained that his intent was not to profit from a data sale, but to highlight the ‘dirty business’ of fake accounts on dating sites.

“I thought about [selling the database] but I believe there are more important things in our world that we should pay attention to first,” he explained.

Approximately 20million user IDs and email addresses of visitors on Topface, a Russian online dating website, got hacked and are being offered for sale on another website.

The apparent hack attack was detected by the renowned fraud-detection-software-maker company Easy Solutions INC. The goal of the show off was raise awareness about online dating scams because these dating sites (yes, all of ’em) using fake profiles to deceive the visitors … ) of fake profiles which is outrageous.”Dmitry Filatov, chief executive officer at Topface, issued a statement informing the media that no proof of the breach has been found yet and thus, the claims of the St. In a bid to reassure perplexed users of Topface, Filatoy said that about 90% of the total users on this website log on via their social network accounts such as Facebook and therefore, it is impossible for Topface to access their passwords and store crucial security related information like payment data.


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