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@Tom, maybe just get the @products and then ruby sort them anyway you like.It worked for me on a small project -- I didn't need to check speed or mem perf for that. If you chose this route, you should probably put that function into the model. Great screencast, I just implemented the same thing, however I used CSS triangles to show the sort order in combination with the :after pseudo element.

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I wonder if there is a good Ruby to XSLT translator instead of working hard in XSLT at the first place ...

Anyway, thanks for another great video cast on Rails, as always I learn a lot from your casts. I am a noob to rails and your railscasts have got me excited for ruby on rails.

I am just starting out, but have watched almost half of your videos in the past week.

I am starting a few new projects and going to dive right in trying to use it.

Very interesting episode, I just wondering how good is to write code in one line which do so much things (and where is the limit! Alternately, if you want to maintain search (or other GET params), be sure to include them in your call to link_to in the sortable method.

For those folks looking for a plugin that does this and more for Rails 3, I'd like to add a suggestion to try out Meta Search.

:) https:// Great cast, as usual!

Wow, it's freaky how you seem to always release casts right when I'm trying to figure something out. Awesome, however, what if the column you want to search on is a computed column?

Just sat down yesterday and added sortable columns to my wish list. Say, its product.release_code where: def release_code "#{name.slice(0,2).upcase}-#{released_at..strftime("%Y-%m-%d T%H:%M:%S")}" end How would you go about sorting on this column on the table as its not a column in the database? Please don't apologize for doing a "basic" show. I did a similar implementation, but used HTML entities for the arrows ▲ and ▼.

Would you first check to see if the column exists on the table and if not do an array sort? Also I didn't make private functions in the controller but instead used "unless yadda-yadda" in the index method. Do you need a cache column for your sortable data (say, comments_count, or something) or is there something else? Is it absolutely necessary to sort on the column you're trying to add?

Thanks, ~ Tom For use with Rails 3, I would like to recommend Ernie Miller's meta_search gem. I can see how this might be DRYer here because you use those functions in the helper too (I didn't). @Tom: If your sort can't be implemented at the database level, then you should probably first examine 2 things: 1. If you're unable to do the sort in the database, you're going to have to load up the entire set of all records to do it in Ruby code, even if you're paginating (unless you only want your sort column to sort the current page of results).


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