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Hamaji is taken in by her older brother, who is also a hunter himself.Shortly after arriving, Hamaji is greeted with a rather gruesome site of bleeding dog’s heads put out on display for the entire town to see.

A hefty bounty is put on the heads of these fuse, so every third rate samurai across the city is after their heads for the money and the glory. Hamaji’s brother wants to hunt down the remaining two fuse.

Little does he know that Hamaji had already met and befriended a fuse named Shino on her way to his humble adobe.

The thing that stands out the most in this movie is most definitely its art, animation, and sound.

The movie has a highly detailed, colorful, and polished world.

In Kyokutei Bakin's classic Japanese epic novel Nansou Satomi Hakkenden, eight samurai serve the Satomi clan during Japan's tumultuous Sengoku (Warring States) era.

The Edo-era samurai are the reincarnations of the spirits that Princess Fuse mothered with a dog named Yatsufusa.In Fuse Gansaku: Satomi Hakkenden, the female hunter Hamaji comes to her brother in order to hunt Fuse.Thus, the karmic cycle of retribution that began long ago with the Satomi family begins anew.(Source: ANN)Everybody knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, am I right?They are cute, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal until the very end.Now what does that have to do with the movie Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl?


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