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Perhaps you can return back to the site's homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for.Or, you can try finding it by using the search form below. Either you’re a romantic who loves all the hearts everywhere, or you’re not looking forward to your loneliness-induced hangover.

Webb, who specializes in big data, tells the story of the way she used her knowledge of algorithms to hack the online dating scene – with surprising results.

This talk is undeniably hilarious, heartwarming and uplifting – the perfect way to greet one of the most dreamy and polarizing holidays.

From dating smartly in your twenties to a totally new way to talk about sex, here are five TED Talks that will help shape the way you think about your dating life, for the better.

Jay’s philosophy is that we shouldn’t be using our dating life in our 20’s as a throwaway.

We should treat our 20’s as practice for having a normal, healthy relationship in our 30’s, rather than a time to sleep around, date assholes, and not get serious about anything.

Vernacchio believes that the baseball metaphor for sex is outdated and sexist.So he proposes we start using a different metaphor… It’s funny, interesting, and believe it or not, the pizza metaphor actually equates to one of the healthiest outlooks on sex humans can have. do you wanna get the usual tonight, or should we try some new toppings?;-) Through her touching person story, Steiner teaches us the signs to know if we might be entering an abusive relationship.It can happen to anyone, and armed with this knowledge she hopes we can recognize it before it goes too far.But online daters often complain about bizarre matches and a prevalence of people who just want to hook up. Determined to find a successful match, Webb decided to use data points to come up with a unique algorithm that she applied to dating websites. Department of State's website dedicated to "Internet Dating and Romance Scams." None of that, however, stopped award-winning journalist and digital strategist Amy Webb from attempting online dating after a bad breakup.

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