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The amount you receive will depend on how much you earn, how many hours you work, who you live with, how much you spend on childcare and whether you receive any benefits.

The white envelopes containing the Annual declaration forms are usually sent out first followed by the brown envelopes containing the Annual review notices.

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If you choose to call you be aware that the Tax Credit Helpline gets very busy towards the end of July and getting through to speak to an advisor can become difficult.

You should either submit your tax credit renewal by post, or call as soon as you receive your pack.

Some renewal packs will specify a different deadline so you must check to make sure you get yours in on time.

If you need any help completing your tax credit renewal you can take your pack to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau and they will be able to assist.

This applies irrespective of whether you received tax credits for the whole year, for part of the year, or if you had your claim for tax credits refused.

If you made a claim for tax credits last tax year then you will be sent a tax credit renewal pack; if you made multiple claims you will be sent one tax credit renewal pack for each.

This pack with either be: If you receive the white envelope containing the Annual declaration you need to renew your tax credit entitlement as soon as possible.

If you receive the brown envelope you simply need to review the details HMRC have included.

If they are correct then you do not need to do anything else.

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