Taehyung and irene dating website lingika rahas online dating

the two of them are making it so obvious the fans are saying that V is dating Irene but he's in fact dating Joy Baekhyun is the one who introduced them to each other.

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please get a life 😂 btw thank you for searching about our ship!

After that interview about not having a private life, I truly think he doesn't have that much free time to date.

He was busy with promoting his movies for a while and he is working on his web drama now.

Suho is careful with his words so I don't think he will say something that can be used against him in the future.

If you're not already a fan, BTS and Red Velvet may be just what you need.

Since Red Velvet's debut last year, a growing number of K-pop fans have begun to ship the girl group with members of BTS.

Affectionately named BTSVelvet, video compilations have surfaced online dedicated to their interactions.

"Seriously I think these two will create a perfect," commented You Tube viewer Ayra EXO.

"V is such a dork and Irene is feminine, they really match each other.

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