best dating sites review 2009 - Szerelem a hatodikon online dating

Good picture is a half of the battle when you’re dating online.

First, a person looks at this photo, and only then if the mood will be nice, if the photo will satisfy – read the rest of the application form. I don’t need to say that the picture must be yours surely, not the picture of your cat, or, maybe, your car.

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It can be anything, you can be cheerful, delighted, serious or ironic, but in any case don’t be grim.

Do not even think to send photos when you go dating online at which you look bleak, it is absolutely meaningless.

It means you’ll lose this battle even before it starts.

Everyone has a photo, on which he thinks he’s absolutely sexy or gorgeous. Before uploading a photo on your profile – consult with your friends, better of all – the female ones.

They will choose from your photos those, which will be perfect for such a purpose. What can the World Wide Web give to a person that a real life, meetings, dating can’t?

Believe their taste – women know each other better than you know them. A lot of interviews were created on this subject, questionnaires are sending out, but I will say from my personal experience that the question: “Why have you placed your profile on a dating site?

” If anyone will answer honestly, the more likely it will be a girl.

The guys don’t really like to apply on this subject, as they erroneously believe that this is indicative of their inferiority.

Internet dating is the ability to communicate, the ability to hear the kind words, wishing “good night” at night, note that we are all so lacking in real life.


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  2. I've got lovely friends, and two fantastic children - one of whom has recently left home and another who is not far behind.

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