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Accessories companies' sites are not generally listed unless they contain some design/historical/cultural content.

There are likewise no weather/cam sites, these can be accessed via the Surfing Links list or the Enthusiasts (by region) list, both below.

You could also try Culture Orange County -informative site with excellent graphics.

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Strangely there is no link to here site from the ISM site.

Jacob Crane oted (July 2011) "The website has some great information about surfing as well as surfing tips and guidelines, destinations, and quite a few other useful links.

I thought it would probably be of value to your visitors."Duke Kahanamoku - The Dawn of Australian Surfing History - 1915 : Article and photographs of Duke Kahanamoku at Boomerang Camp, Freshwater, Summer 1915 and his introduction of surfing.

Also incudes article on Freshwater SLSC and a comphrensive links page. Jack Eden - Australian 1960s photographer and editor Surfabout Magazine(1962) his travelling exhibition is a must see.

His photographs comprise a large portion of Margan and Finney. Link currently available at Jackson Surfboards site.

Christy Davis's Surfing Web Page -These pages contain high quality surf photographs; information, perspectives, and stories on Mavericks and Ocean Beach in San Francisco; oceanographic insights; and links to surf, weather, and surf prediction web sites. Modern marketing, international brand liscencing and the development of contract glassing has seen the bluring of the distinction between factory outlets and retail shops.

Shops have always acted as agents (stock and custom) for specific brands, but now many carry in-house brands. - (shop) Aloha Surfboards, Egan Surfboards, Hot Buttered Surfboards, Nev Surfboards, Peter Mc Cabe Surfboards.

Longboards by Bear Surfboards (Shaper: Paul Hutchinson) and Nat Young Surfboards (Shaper: Ronnie Woodward).

'There were some big sets of waves coming in, so I caught this massive wave that came through and my board slipped out from underneath me, and embedded into the sea floor,' the young surfer told nz.


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