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Their channel features many skits from the show, along with a few You Tube exclusives.Studio C's most popular video is "Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling," which currently has over 45.7 million views on You Tube.

Matt's parents invested all of his inheritance, a hungry friend gets rather emotional after losing something very dear to him at a funeral, and Hank plans an unusual surprise party, return of Lobster Bisque.

Mallory testifies to Matt's inability to commit the crime he's accused of, Marco Polo visits the future to see how his namesake has affected future generations, and at a charity auction, a bidding war reaches levels beyond mere money.

An uncooperative lineup suspect won't read his line to the cops, Ann meets her greatest heartthrob yet - R. Stine, and in an episode of Murder Mystery Mansion, the group struggles to find the real killer.

Two Dungeons & Dragons gamers struggle with their most difficult quest yet, a 90-year-old cameraman struggles during a live taping of The Beatles, and the USA tells Great Britain that she will never get back together with him.

Stephen waits in an extremely romantic restaurant for his date to arrive, Whitney tries to learn how Mallory rates their friendship, and a soup-loving family prepares to meet their son’s new girlfriend.

The newest Star Wars production runs into a couple bumps, Leo the kiosk worker proves to be a bigger challenge than expected, and the male mind proves to be a little more divided than previously imagined. Who, Jedi Finals, Matt's new roommate Jedediah, Teaching Tots finance w/ band Stars, Matt makes a PB&J, Beauty Tips with Susan Weebers, Jason sets up his voice mail, and burglar trouble. Claus her best gift to date, the elves decide to unionize, and Stephen learns what life would be like if he had never been born.

A whole network becomes dedicated to Matt and his achievements, the New York Times bestselling committee tutors their newest hiree, and Mal receives more advice on the best ways to break up with Jason. The cast kicks off Season 6 with a glimpse into the future of Studio C, a couple's doctor visit takes a sudden turn when shots are administered, and a Revolutionary War gentleman labors to save Lady Gordon, a fainting damsel in distress.

An unhappy crayon crashes a group song during a children's television show, a You Tube sensation plans yet another unbelievable music video, and Wonder Woman confronts the rest of The Justice League on team issues.

Subscribe to Studio C: Watch the family-friendly clean comedy of Studio C on You Tube: Studio C You Tube Exclusives: Season 5: Best of Studio C: Season 4: Season 3: Season 2: Season 1: Watch Studio C Mondays at 10pm ET/8pm MT on BYUtv or online here: Like Studio C on Facebook: Follow Studio C on Instagram: Follow Studio C on Twitter: Video features Matt Meese and Mallory Everton.

Some will go to excessive lengths to not get up from their chair, not even for a soda.

Studio C is a sketch comedy television show produced in Utah by BYUtv.

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