Streaming online instructional sex videos

Many women have the capacity for the ejaculation experience. 60 minutes of explicit video with Kenneth Ray Stubbs and Jaiya Five sensuous women teach us a massage for the female body.

The strokes you will learn are gentle, flowing, and nurturing. This class is about professional “bringers of erotic joy”: sacred prostitutes, sexual healers, shamans, tantrikas, and sacred intimates.

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The Lovers’ Guide is a sex and relationships advice brand, produced by Lifetime Productions International Ltd, which launched with the release of the first Lovers’ Guide video in 1991.

Presented by the sexologist Dr Andrew Stanway, and produced by Robert Page (Lifetime Group) and William Campbell, this became the only non-fiction film to top the UK video charts; it sold 1.3 million copies in the UK and went into 13 languages and 22 countries around the world. While the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) granted the title an 18 certificate, which would normally be a license for general UK distribution, this was technically merely advisory and the producer, Robert Page, faced charges of obscenity, which were subsequently dropped.

The Lovers’ Guide is distinct for using explicit video material to illustrate the instructional points being made.

While the explicit nature of the visual content would usually warrant an R18 certificate in the UK, restricting sales to licensed sex shops, all Lovers’ Guide videos and DVDs have been granted 18 certificates.

Some of my favorite teachers at the New School are Joseph Kramer, Chester Mainard, Jwala, and Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

There is no better place to educate your hands and your heart.

As you expand your skills, join me in proclaiming: “Let there be pleasure on earth, and let it begin with me.” –Annie Sprinkle, Ph.

D 70 minutes of video with Annie Sprinkle In this history of erotic film class, you will tour the last thirty-five years of sexual imagery with Performance Artist and New School Faculty member Annie Sprinkle, Ph. This documentary, Herstory of Porn , is a brilliant and humorous look at some of the worst and best of video clips from dozens of the 150+ flims that Annie made from 1973 to the present.

You will see rare hippie porn, early fetish films, feminist porn, art porn, couples’ erotica, transsexual docu-porn, classic XXX, and a special training film made to help you get started creating your own erotic videos.

Witness Annie Sprinkle’s contribution to the pornification of America.

(Also available on DVD in our Shop) 57 minutes of video with Annie Sprinkle and friends “Let there be pleasure on earth, and let it begin with me.” Annie Sprinkle wants all of us to live even more ecstatic, orgasmic lives.

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