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A member of the Glasgow University Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies.

Jan Čulík´s article on Czech President Miloš Zeman, Meet Miloš Zeman – the Czech Republic’s answer to Donald Trump, published in Kenneth Ward, MPhil, Czech Cinema (start date 01/10/2015) (Josef Fronek scholarship) Sam Beaton, Ph D, Czech documentary cinema (Start date: 01/10/2012) (Madeleine Albright Scholarship in Czech Studies) Metodi Metodiev, Ph D, Relations between writers and politicians in Bulgaria and Czech Republic during the communist era (Start date: 09/09/2011) Kirsteen Anderson, Ph D, Post-communist reforms of the Czech Educational System (Start date: 01/10/2014) (Josef Fronek MPhil scholarship) James Alan Cathro Smith, MPhil, Czech popular music in the period of "normalisation" (Completed November 2014) Julia Secklehner, MPhil, Photographic work by Irena Bluhova and Tina Modotti (Completed September 2013) (Josef Fronek MPhil scholarship) Jitka Perinova, Ph D The novels of Emil Hakl and Jan Balaban (Completed, doctorate awarded June 2015) Albin Sybera Ph D, Construction of the political and cultural discourse in post-communist Czech Republic (Completed February 2014) Hana Tomsu MPhil, The Winter Guest and Of Children and Parents, a comparison of the value system of a Scottish and a Czech feature film (Completed Feb.

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On 14 May, 2016, Jan Čulík was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about contemporary Czech politics VL4a RV, also see Czechia Piece.mp3 On 16 April 2016, Jan Čulík was interviewed by the "PM" programme on BBC Radio Four about the proposed adoption of the name "Czechia" for the Czech Republic.

On 26 October 2015, Jan Čulík was interviewed by the "World Business Report" programme on BBC World Television about the results of the general election in Poland. v=F_u VLLs1Yi Y On 26 October 2015, Jan Čulík was interviewed by the "Business Daily" programme on BBC World Radio about the results of the general election in Poland. Jan Čulík has been asked to broadcast regular weekly 15-minute television interviews on current Czech political and social issues for the Regionální televize cable and satellite television station.

Audio here: 15th September 2015, Jan Čulík was interviewed by the BBC TV News Channel about the European refugee crisis. The interviews are available here: In 2014-2015, Jan Čulík worked as a script and editorial consultant for Dominika Švecová´s longitudinal two part Czech Television documentary about the international ecumenical meeting organized by the Taizé community, which took place in Prague between 29th December 2014 and 2nd January 2015.

Part One of the film was broadcast by Czech Television on Sunday 1st March 2015, Part Two was broadcast by Czech Television on Sunday 8th March 2015.

v=k Bd Wrqya A9Y In 1995, Czech Television broadcast a film about the island of Iona, which includes an interview with Jan Čulík. v=V4Av LEZCVKs In June 1995 Jan Čulík made a report about the danger of asbestos for Nova TV in the Czech Republic. v=4In TXg GA1tw In 1984, Jan Čulík wrote, produced and partially filmed a Channel Four documentary On 20th May, 2016, Jan Čulík gave a paper entitled "New Media as a New Source of Censorship?

" at the Catholic University in Budapest as a part of an annual research forum devoted to issues of censorship.

On 14th April, 2016, Jan Čulík gave a lecture to the "Secondos" conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which was organised by Zagreb University and by Graz University, about how "small" languages and cultures might be effectively taught at commercially-minded universities in the English speaking countries.

"Recherche et transmission des cultures étrangères : quelle utilité dans l’université d’aujourd’hu ?

Both films are here: Kopecký, Čestmír, and Špaček, Radim, et al "Pod dlažbou je pláž"("There is a beach under that pavement", 2013, Czech TV documentary, 52 mins.). v=95yo Q9Uh5h U&feature=An interview with Jan Čulík for Czech television.

Along with former BBC Chief Executive Greg Dyke, Jan Čulík is one of the media specialists interviewed here. mobile Redirect=off An interview with Jan Čulík on the death of Czech President Václav Havel. The "Pred pulnoci"("Before Midnight") programme, 4th May 2010, 28 minutes.

The film is available here: Jan Čulík interviewed for Czech TV documentary "Národ mystifikace". 2012, Czech TV documentary, 52 mins.) The film is available here: Jan Čulík on films at the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The interview is available here: An interview with Jan Čulík in the "Tonight" programme with Trevor Mc Donald, in "Stags in the City", a documentary film, ITV, 9th September, 2005, 28 minutes. v=n3ZFI4B81LU An interview with Jan Čulík for Czech Television, "Klub Netopýr", 3rd December 2002.

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