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Monk would this guy.) All that begins to change—on a Wednesday—when Harold starts hearing a voice narrating every moment of his existence, describing both his external actions and his deepest thoughts.

Although nobody else can hear the voice incessantly narrating his every move, Harold knows he's not crazy.

He also knows the voice is ruining his life, and his newfound and unlikely romantic relationship with the subject of his latest audit, a baker named Ana Pascal.

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Maybe they can even find the author before she types "The End."This pleasantly languid, mostly comic story offers several layers of meaning through which to sift for positive elements. Hilbert (who assists him in sleuthing for an answer) and a co-worker (who lets him live with him for a time), as well as the object of his affection, Ana (who, despite her disdainful feelings about taxmen, reaches out to him with cookies and tenderness as she begins to see him as a person rather than merely an agent of the government).

In a way, the film urges us to wrestle with the inevitability of death, to make the most of the time we have right now and to accept the guiding hand of providence. Among other things, Harold discovers the value of giving up his perception of control over his life and entering into relationships with others.

He's urged to remake his life into "the one you've always wanted" rather than continuing to settle for the existence he's currently experiencing.

Harold, in turn, encourages his friend to do the same ("You're never too old to go to Space Camp, dude"). Her reaction to this new information vividly illustrates the importance and value every human life carries.. Moviegoers will read all kinds of religio-philosophical ideas into this mostly breezy subtext.

When Kay realizes that the people she's been systematically killing off in her novels might have all been real, she's agonized by what she may have done to them. He's asked to comprehend that it is the hand of someone who knows what's best for him. And largely, that'll be a good thing since doesn't set out to do damage to these issues. It mostly avoids any outright mention of God or religion, though Kay is very briefly heard in a TV interview saying she doesn't believe in God.

That's countered by her concluding narration which credits God with kindly giving us life's little pleasures.When Harold first meets Ana at her bakery, he zones out looking at her while the narrator describes him giving in to the urge to imagine her naked.She calls him on "staring at my t-ts." He later apologizes, quite sincerely, for "ogling" her.Kiedy obejrzałem "Zostań" byłem pod tak dużym wrażeniem Marca Forstera, że nie wahałem się głosić narodzin nowego, zdolnego reżysera.Nic zatem dziwnego, że na jego nowy film "Przypadek Harolda Cricka" czekałem z niecierpliwością. czytaj dalej Harold Crick jest pracownikiem Urzędu Skarbowego wiodącym nudną egzystencję: codziennie wykonuje te same czynności; samotne przerwy na kawę i lunch ma wyliczone co do sekundy. jest bohaterem powieści, a głos, który słyszy należy do narratorki, która nie tyle opisuje wszystko, co on robi, ale programuje jego dalsze losy.Pewnego dnia Harold słyszy w głowie kobiecy głos, który odtąd będzie komentował wszystkie jego myśli i czynności. Crick postanawia odnaleźć autorkę i odmienić swoje życie, zwłaszcza, kiedy orientuje się, że książka o nim ma być niebawem ukończona, a jej planowany finał daleki jest od happy endu...


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