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You’re probably new to World Travel Family, so you won’t have followed our travel blog around Sri Lanka in 20.

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In 2016 we returned to Sri Lanka for another month, this time visiting some beautiful boutique and luxury hotels, as well as getting around more of the island in our usual style, backpacking using public transport, looking for new destinations, including Jaffna and Sri Lanka’s east coast.

We think Sri Lanka worked out cheapest country on our 12 month budget round-the-world trip, we certainly managed to stay under our $50/day goal.

Food was very cheap if you ate in the right places and accommodation and transport were incredibly good value.

We mention the guest houses we use in the posts specific to that destination.

Sometimes we tour Sri Lanka on a tight budget using small guest houses but we also stay in some luxurious and beautiful hotels and villas.

We can highly recommend Lighthouse Hotel near Galle for couples, families, foodies and beach lovers. Taking guided tours and paying admission costs to the big attractions can quickly eat into your cash, admission costs are relatively high in Sri Lanka.We had a wonderful time on our budget trip and didn’t feel any need to see and do everything as we have done previously.There is easily enough to do in Sri Lanka without spending the big bucks.That said, on a global scale, even if you go for the luxury end of the market Sri Lanka is a destination with bargains to be had.If you’re not watching your finances and used to western prices, you’ll probably not worry at all about costs. The Paradise Resort and Spa Dambulla, Cultural Triangle. You’ll also find mid-range family hotels with pools and all the usual facilities in Sri Lanka.I’ve been working on a project, I’m listing every hotel we can personally recommend, and a selection I researched with family rooms and good ratings, not just in Sri Lanka, but for the whole of Asia. Whatever style of accommodation you need, you will find.

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