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ALPS Mountaineering The North Face NEMO Kelty Mountain Hardwear REI Marmot Big Agnes Slumberjack Unisex Men's Women's Kids' Boys' Girls' less than - .99 0 - 9.99 0 - 9.99 0 - 9.99 0 and above Great bag from a great company at an even better price. I got about seven trips in it so far, all on the AT or Mountains-to-Sea Trail in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

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I purchased this bag after much research on 20 degree bags. For me it made sense to go with a synthetic due to the humidity and moisture that I experience in my area.

Ready for use in the ever humid valley of South Fork Citico. Full review A roomy, versatile, lightweight sleeping bag with unique features that can also be used as a hammock top quilt. GI issue polyester filled poncho liner or patrol bag for this purpose but new and genuine army issue gear has dramatically escalated in price… Good quality construction, but uncomfortable due to above.

I bought the Snugpak Jungle Bag to include in a lightweight hammock camping system and to also serve as a summer weight sleeping bag for use in a bivy sack or for just under the stars all by itself. Full review Seems very damp, clammy non breathable. Great construction quality, but the thermal zoning idea is the invention of a very clever monkey.

It makes the bag hot in some places and cold in others, so the comfortable temperature range of this bag is limited.

I have tested this bag extensively and had the same results almost every time.

When I first tried it out it was like sleeping in a non-breathable…

Full review A nice lightweight entry level synthetic bag for 3-season camping.

I bought this bag for my son and he has used it for the past 3 years.

He really enjoyed it but has recently traded in for an upgraded model.

I have used this bag a minimum of 5 times myself ranging from spring to fall.

We compared notes and this is what we have come up with: Warmth: The bag is rated to 20°F.


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