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For the modeler desiring to develop their own circuits, I present here some simplified signalling circuits. Others may prefer starting with a simple system and adding advanced functions as time and funds permit. Provision is readily made in the core system for advanced features.

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For many Model Railroaders, signalling is as important as scenery.

More so now that we have DCC with "walkaround" capability.

It's as much a matter of understanding the "logic" of signalling as how much you're willing to spend on circuit boards.

Although I sell boards, Model Railroading is important to me as a hobby as well.

Here, I delve into signalling circuits from a practical perspective.

Not so much the actual aspects, there are many more knowledgable than I. I know the practical "nuts and volts" of the electrics.

For information on what signals actually mean, one of the most knowledgable people I know of can be found HERE . Todd is a collector of signals and more a railfan than a modeler. If you have a "Rivit Counter" looking over your shoulder, this is place to find what you need to know on the subject.

There are Rule Books for a dozen or more roads, some dating back well into the steam era. If the information isn't here, he can tell you where to find it.

Although primarily oriented toward North American signals, there are some links into European signalling, as well.

For the "Craftsman" modeler, a block's worth of signals can be scratch built for little more than the cost in time to prowl around the junk box and cobbling together a circuit.

Actual signal models may be scratched; as I often do.


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