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All of the top name brands can be found on our shelves. Head on up to Main Street North or order on-line here !

We have Pure, Chills, Redeye, Gear, Puss, Hoss, Hit, Volcano, Extreme, Lolite, Launch box, Vapor Genie, Purple Power, Smoke Buddies, Juicy J, Raw, Sharpstone, Tasty Puff, Smelly Proof, Scale, Cuban cigars, Humidor, Detoxify, Electronic cigarettes and of course, Zippo. The Wee Smoke Shop welcomes innovation and invention in e Cig, E-cigarette industry.

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The perfect destination for all your smoking needs- and its right in the downtown core.

Less than a minute away from city hall or the downtown bus & Go terminal, we have a wide variety of items.

Whether you want to keep it simple with a English pipe or go all out with a four foot Water pipe/Hookah, there’s something for you!


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