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- Search in Google for Sanskrit /Samskrit returns with over 18 million page results - even some of European languages themselves don't have these many pages in the Web.- Anyone who speaks chaste Hindi can understand Sanskrit as almost 90% of the Hindi words are infact Sanskrit words (truncated at "Praatipadika" level - with out the nominal affix /suffix fully inflected).

Thus a large number of audience readily exists for a National Sanskrit TV Channel.

In addition to all these people becoming viewers of the National Sanskrit TV channel, the school /college students who will be directly benefited by the scientific underpinnings of Sanskrit language.

However in this channel all content including Advertisements should only be in Sanskrit.

Currently about 5 minutes Sanskrit news is shown once /twice a day in the National Television channel - this is insufficient to promote Sanskrit - which is the objective of first Sanskrit Commission formed in 1956-57 by the Prime Minister Sri. Till date many of the objectives of the commission reports are yet to be implemented.

However a National Television channel will help not only to promote Sanskrit, but also the recommendations of the Sanskrit commission can be deliberated.[The Oath taking ceremony in Sanskrit by Union ministers and Parliamentarians were witnessed with great enthusiasm by Indian public]This National Sanskrit TV channel can telecast - Simple spoken Sanskrit lessons, Ayurveda /Jyotisha/ Vastu/ Yoga/ Vedic Maths classes, UGC coaching classes for Sanskrit including NET, Sanskrit classes for Children's and school students, Sanskrit News, Sanskrit Dramas, Cultural Quiz programs, Classes for Vyakaranam (Linguistics) & Nyaya (Epistemology), Maths and Spiritual discourses like Bhavadgita in simple Sanskrit, etc.

When there is a TV channel for every single official language of India including for Urdu - why can't there be one for Sanskrit. When we count from number 1 onwards and beyond number 9... To have a the number 10 then we must have the number "0".

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पदवाक्यप्रमाणशास्त्रेभ्यः (व्याकरणमीमांसान्यायादिभ्यः) अर्थनिर्धारणार्थानां विधिकल्पानां प्रकाराणाञ्च (Algorithms and methods for determining meanings) सङ्कलनम् अत्र ।Krishnamurthi CG[email protected] India wants a dedicated National Sanskrit TV Channel Over 120 million first time voters (out of the 550 million total voters) have cast their votes in this election 2014.

What is the significance of this number and what it has to do with Sanskrit TV.: The 120 million+ first time (young) voters is far more than UK (63.7 million) population and Canada (34.8 million) population put together.

Vast majority of these people are the new breed of Young and resurgent educated Indians who are well connected with each other.


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