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If you're a boy teenager with a hard-on, go for it - enjoy the shower scene, especially.If you're a juvenile looking for mild mental stimulation with one eye on another screen, it's passable.If you're as old as I am then you'll quickly suss this is a regurgitated plot based on the classic film ' Body Heat' (1981) with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner.

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And yep, I suggest you cut your losses and immerse yourself in the original. First, let me tell you that wishing for this movie to be good will be of no avail.

There's no reason in hoping for a satisfying thriller like this one seems to claim, because doing so will only lead to a massive letdown.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR's biggest flaw is neither its premise nor its narrative.

There's a lot to negatively comment about those two areas, but they're still much more tolerable than the movie's horrible casting.

Other than that, there's really nothing to expect.

It is really difficult to follow the narrative's flow when all that worries you is whether the characters are still going to be something interesting or not.

The plot isn't new either, and it still could have been interesting, if the characters are played the way they're supposed to be.

These flaws accrue to an overall feeling that is neither good nor okay, much less satisfying.

None of the actors are able to serve the requirements of their roles, and while their characters hold promise of being interesting, none of the performers could actually pull them excellently, even to a tolerable level.

Their dialogues and the overly familiar plot, are partly to blame, but it so difficult to jump to that part when the first thing that can be noticed is the horrible designation of the actors to roles utterly unsuited for them.

There's this evil psychopath named Elliot who never really brings as much threat as he is required.


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