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New York City — Actress-writer-dancer-choreographer Andrea-Rachel Parker truly has a lot on plate and is offering it up to all.This young and restless talent from Brooklyn is currently in production for a film titled “My Block” by Tay Pugh which depicts a group of young adults from different worlds moving into Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn and the obstacles they face against the long-time dwellers of the block they live on.

Hush Puppy is a monologue book that is written to entertain, stimulate, teach, and make you feel.

These are works written to give a voice to the many cultures, ethnicities, and different types of people that we rarely get to see in mainstream media.

She performed a monologue from the book she is writing during the 2 International Writers Conference of the National Writers Union – New York on May 18, 2014 in lower Manhattan.

Andrea also has this dance workout class which she brands a “Dance-out” session called WWW or Women Who Wind.

She wants her own house in Connecticut while her father always dreamed of having one in Jamaica and her mother has dreamed of having a large one in Georgia. I started performing my own monologues on subjects rarely talked about and the feedback was always wonderful!

At the pace she is going, Andrea Rachel may be there faster than any young motivated person could. People asked me to write monologues for them, for their kids or to perform it at different events.

I knew that there was a market for this and so I added to the monologues I already had and started working on this as a book.

It is a way to entertain and inform through reading but still it has to be written well enough to be performed, not just read, which is missing in many contemporary dialogues.

“This class started after I got into a car accident in Jan of 2013.

I wasn’t able to do intense fast cardio classes like Zumba and salsa or African because the left side of my body was messed up horribly. I had to develop a way to keep my body from gaining too much weight and a way to keep my curves.

I took basic dance, workout and breathing techniques then combined them,” she explained.


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