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She sets off to visit him in his exotic tropical resort and is surprised to learn of this abundant wealth, generosity, and devastatingly sexy, good looks.

He has the means and desire to take care of her every need, but will he give in to her…and let her take care of him? This erotica short story of about 3,200 words contains adult material that may offend some including: pseudo incest, taboo sex, daddy sex, ex step daughter sex, billionaire sex ,and graphic, multiple orgasms.

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This website (formerly known as The Erotic contains adult orientated erotic stories not suitable for viewing by people under legal age.

Our erotica is aimed at satisfying the tastes of both men and women, but it is sexually explicit.

By entering you are agreeing that (a) you are of relevant legal age, (b) you are seeking to view adult orientated erotic material and (c) you agree that it is legal to view material such as the erotica found within in your current location.

All Erotica Stories, All Erotica Stories Collections, Daddy Sex, Daughter Sex, Double Teamed, DP, Erotica, First Time Sex, Kindle Erotica, Menage, Older Man Younger Woman, Outdoor Sex, Taboo Erotica, Threesome, Virgin Sex This “Daddy Stories Erotica Collection” features 3 scorching hot, short stories in this value-packed bundle package.

Three step daddy erotica stories included are: 1) Losing My Virginity to My Daddy (Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut #1) — Nymphomania runs in our family. This erotic short is the first story from my sexy baby sister’s diary.

Candy tells you how she lost her virginity to our ex-stepdaddy right after her 18th birthday party.

She couldn’t wait any more to lose it, or she was going to explode!

She gives you every juicy detail of how she seduced him in the hot tub. She even gave her best friend’s brother a free public sex show, as he was watching the whole time.

2) Forgive Me, Father (An Ex-Step Daughter and Priest Daddy Sex Taboo Erotica Short Story) — Maria, 19 year old Catholic schoolgirl and transfer student, wants to finish her last year with a bang.


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