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I had a friend back then who told me that she'd looked up to Jimmy Swaggart so much as an exemplary Christian, that went he fell, she wondered if Jimmy Swaggart could "fall from grace", then how in the world could she, a lowly Christian woman ever make it?

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But then, I didn't have much spiritual savvy and wisdom behind my belt back then either, so what did I know?

I just figured that anyone who said they were a Christian..a Christian. What baffled me then, was how could a sincere, blood bought Christian do the things he apparently got caught doing?

Now, after some years of observing how things work in Christendom, I have a clearer picture.

I've noticed that many Christians start off on fire for God, (first love), and then some where along the line, go haywire. I believe a loving God makes a place for all Christians to repent when they mess up and fall into temptation, but what really troubles me is when they claim to be repentant, but then either don't....and/or, attempt to cover it up, which to me is a worse sin. With Swaggart, it seems his so-called "ministry" was more important to him than God and living for Jesus Christ.

Walking the walk, as I've found personally is a lot harder than just learning to "talk the talk".

And in Swaggart's case, he was an expert at talking the talk. He knew the gospel, he knew- and apparently had a real experience with Jesus Christ at one time.

But when he fell, he was right in the middle of still preaching publicly.

This is spiritual abuse any way you shake it..there is no "excusing it" and sweeping it under the carpet with the old "judge not" mantra.

A Safe Place for those coming out of spiritual abusive experiences.

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