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The Axe brand of deodorants is from Unilever and is primarily targeted at 15 to 25 year old males.

The brand portrays normal yet cool, trendy and confident, a positioning that is aspirational to the target segment.

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The very act of being associated with the brand serves to boost the ego.

In the past couple of years, we have seen a slew of copy cat brands hit the market.

But the theme for the advertisements remains the same. Girls find themselves inexplicably drawn to the guy.

There are slight variants but for the most part, involuntary seduction forms the core.

Coca-Cola has started selling its own brand of "innovative ultra-filtered milk" and they've chosen to brand it with creepy, sexist images of women wearing outfits made out of their superior milk [via UPROXX.

One image looks like the woman is sweating milk, the other looks like she is pooping out a gallon of milk, and none of the taglines make any sense: Even if you think it's kind of cute, using women's bodies to sell products that have absolutely nothing to do with women's bodies was sexist in the '60s and it's sexist now.

If you were in a pitch meeting for a new kind of milk you were selling, what's the first thing you'd think of?

Spitballing here, but it would probably be cows, a farm, little kids eating cereal, the usual stuff.

Filed under: Ambient, Argentina, Australia, Axe, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Case History, Chile, France, Germany, Guerilla, Illustration, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Press/Outdoor, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, The Nederlands, UK, USA The “Axe Effect” is one of the most famous claim in the world.

This so called effect is supposed to draw women in hordes to any male who has sprayed himself liberally with the Axe deodorant.

The advertisements are very slick and usually display a normal male but with oodles of self-assurance as an Axe user.


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