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By the second season, Chris moves out (his parents then fill his old room with concrete) and moves into the garage of a gruff ex-cop played by Brian Doyle-Murray, who introduces him to such vices as the lucrative world of corrupt health inspectors.

According to series co-creator David Mirkin in a call from his office in Los Angeles, had a third season been produced, Chris would have become a homeless drifter, “and every week he would have touched someone else’s life, and made it a little bit worse”.

The abbreviated second season saw a writing staff that included Bob Odenkirk (later of fan, according to Mirkin).

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The neologism “man-child” has in recent years come to refer to the types typically played on screen by Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn and other gentlemen aged roughly 21-40 who partake in video games, alcohol, pot-smoking and varied instances of gay panic, foul language and confusion/consternation with the opposite sex and the realities of adulthood.

Those who complain about the proliferation of these types may consider themselves lucky that they never encountered 30-year-old paperboy Chris Peterson.

Chris, the alter ego of actor Chris Elliott, was the star of the late, great Fox sitcom from Shout!

Factory (previously, only a few scattered episodes were available on now out-of-print discs due to music rights issues).


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  2. La semicentenarul Institutului de Lingvistică „Iorgu Iordan" îmi terminam expunerea cu fraza: „Îi doresc celui care va face următorul bilanţ aniversar să poată spune, aşa cum facem noi acum, generaţia celor care avem câteva decenii de muncă în Institut, că aceasta şi-a făcut datoria". Rosetti şi la care au luat parte cercetători din toate sectoarele Institutului şi de la Centrul de Cercetări Fonetice şi Dialectale. I, Am citat numai volumele cele mai importante şi, din economie de spaţiu şi timp, n-am menţionat toţi autorii.

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  4. Author Thomas Harris (right) has revealed the inspiration for his most chilling creation, Hannibal Lecter, as played by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs (left), was in fact a real-life doctor he met in a Mexican prison while working as a journalist Harris met him in 1963 while Balli Trevino was serving 20 years for the murder of his lover Jesús Castillo Rangel.

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