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Which means we're making this our priority to ensure you can connect to a superfast network wherever you go – whether driving to work, commuting on the train, or on holiday at the beach.We're committed to delivering 4G to 95% of the UK land mass by 2020.

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To find out more about an author: Google the author's name or dig deeper in the library's biographical source databases.

To find scholarly sources: When searching library article databases, look for a checkbox to narrow your results to The internet is a great place to find both scholarly and popular sources, but it's especially important to ask questions about authorship and publication when you're evaluating online resources.

Hours after Keith Scott's family released a video his wife took of his fatal shooting, protesters demonstrated for the fourth night, this time with a specific message.

Move they want police to make There are 66 cities dealing with such high urbanization, unemployment, and risk of natural disaster and violence that they're extremely vulnerable to collapse.Continent with the most cities on the list Once a former WWE wrestler and girlfriend to Hollywood's hottest bachelor, George Clooney, Stacy Keibler has stayed out of the lime light for the past few years, and here's why.Where Stacy Keiber has been It's not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious about signs of aging on their necks, but there's finally a solution -- and it's not wearing scarves all the time!Neck mask gives you youthful skin The Justice Deptartment made a series of moves related to the nominee's email scandal that one prominent lawmaker claimed is 'beyond explanation.' Details of the ongoing political fallout The beloved actor made the jump from ' NCIS' to ' Bull' this year, and now he's finally breaking his silence on leaving the juggernaut show.' I love those guys and I miss them' After Speck the cat was rescued, he had a lot of healing to do -- and when the tiny animal paid a visit Pet Ranch's Dr. Discovery may leave you disgusted You're unusually sensitive to rejection now, but can gain a new perspective on love by softening your resistance.Still, relationships are strangely foreboding as Pluto opposes the Moon in your 7th...

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