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All logging messages are archived to files that can be parsed using standard Unix text tools (more, less, aux, grep, and tail).

So this approach is put forth as an opinion, with the hope this solution may appeal to you as such or provide a basis for you to develop your own.

This solution is designed to structure log reporting in a manner that is functional and scalable (two ideas that are often in conflict when it comes to networking).

It provides a centralized means for log collection, monitoring and access in a networking environment where multiple engineers are responsible for supporting and maintaining the infrastructure in parallel with automated monitoring and reporting tools.

Large-scale network environments generate a tremendous amount of logging data.

The majority of this provides status and debugging information (info and debug severity) that is generally only looked at when troubleshooting or monitoring a problem.

However, the small minority of system messages generated at the notice severity and above provides key information on the operational status of the router.This key data is often missed, leaving potential problems uncorrected because the logging data is generated and displayed locally on the router.This approach moves all system message reporting to a central logging server.By submitting your email address, you agree to receive emails regarding relevant topic offers from Tech Target and its partners. Contact Tech Target at 275 Grove Street, Newton, MA.supports four types of system message reporting, console, monitor, buffer, and trap.The first three provide for viewing and storing log messages locally.


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