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He told the LA Times about being unable to openly embrace his Indian background at work."It took me a long time to feel safe with my identity, but John Lasseter felt strongly about celebrating the personal side of the story."After talking about his inhibitions, it was Patel's father who told him to pitch the idea, saying it would be "bad karma to not at least try and do what they're asking you to do".Recounting his dad's reaction to the film, Patel told Geeks of Doom: "He was super emotional. I'm like 'Dad, what are you doing, keep it together.' It was sweet.

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While Pixar remains one of the bigger names in animation, over the past, the studio has been pulled up for not being racially diverse, with most of its characters either being Caucasian or being voiced by white people.

The creation of this short is a move by the studio to be more inclusive.

Strong female characters only recently started making an appearance in their films and AV Club pointed out that "Pixar has an even worse track record when it comes to representing people of colour".

Working to address the issue, Lasseter created a position for Head of Inclusion and Diversity.

has bagged an Oscar nomination and he says the news came as a surprise to him as it is very difficult to make it to the Academy Awards shortlist.

The fate of the movie will be decided on Monday morning as the Academy doles out recognitions in 24 categories.The seven-minute film follows the daydream of a young Indian boy, who is bored with his father's religious meditation and imagines Hindu gods as superheroes. Not because of the subject but because, earning an Oscar nomination is so hard!And now that I've seen all the other nominated shorts I'm very humbled.Pixar has released their latest short film, Sanjay's Super Team, which is its first to feature Indian characters.The short film tells the story of an Indian boy who prefers to watch superheroes on TV, rather than pray with his father.After begrudgingly giving up his action figure to sit and pray at the shrine in their home, he starts to imagine that the Hindu gods are superheroes which brings him to understand them better and eventually creates a bond between father and son.

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