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As the online dating industry continues to expand in multiple directions, its impact can be felt in numerous ways.For starters, the stigma once associated with online dating is quickly diminishing as it becomes mainstream and seen as a legitimate way to meet other singles.

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Reading online dating safety tips tradies online dating

When it comes to online dating safety, there’s great debate on who’s responsible.

Some say dating sites are 100% responsible and should ensure all members on their site are legit and authentic to protect the welfare of their members.

Others say members are 100% responsible because they should take precautions when meeting someone online so it is up to them.

In reality, both are responsible for doing their part for safe dating online.

For site members, they must remember that meeting someone online always involves a certain level of risk.

Therefore, it’s wise to use dating sites who advertise and implement safety precautions because there will probably be a lower rate of scammers on those sites.

However, even if a dating site claims they are taking certain precautions, members should not use that as an excuse to not take certain precautions themselves.

Therefore, no matter what dating site one is using, they should follow the tips for online dating safety below to protect themselves.

Create a separate email account for your online dating profile to keep your private one secure.


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