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As that bit of formulating suggests, the high concept can still be articulated in terms of preceding anime, and yet, as anime currently stands, it took a tremendous amount of creative talent and cache to result in a provocative series off the norm to Ghost Hound's extent.

The marquee name here is Masamune Shirow, creator of techno-action series Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell.

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However, that concept is one that is very unlike what is expected from him.

Rather than one of his crowded futures, it's modern, and at times almost minimalistic.

After a first person, disembodied stagger through a wooded area, captured in a Vaseline blur, Ghost Hound tracks a dried up river bed, and opens with a view through the senses of four year old Taro Komori, the son of prominent sake brewers from the remote town of Suiten. His eyes wander through a decrepit room and then rest on his sister's still form lying on a bed.

A fly lands on her parched lips, and the view narrows in on that insect to listen to the exact sound of its wings moving.

This remembrance is one of the lucid dreams of now 14 year old Taro.

The kidnapping that resulted in the death of his sister has scarred him, his family, and his community.

He's become disconnected, fiddling with a transistor radio, falling asleep in inappropriate places, and cataloging his dream observations with an outmoded cassette dictation recorder.

His father seems fatalistically saddened by the deviation from the natural progression of his family.

While I've read all of the novels, I've never had a tremendous amount of admiration for Harry Potter.

Maybe my expectations were far too high, but reading the books knowing how much excitement they've generated, I felt that what they offer should constitute a baseline more than an exception.

Divorced from their singular public reception, the novels' accomplishments should be anything but extraordinary. While possessing plenty of elements that are comparable to plenty of other anime, it does manage to leverage anime's gifts crafting stories about perception and curious subjects in a memorably unconventional work.


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