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Suria Elektra will be shown on 5 February 2010 & 2nd Telecast 14 February 2010 Current Affairs & News News News Berita - The first run of News is at 8.00 pm and It is repeated at 11.00 pm all daily independent full hours under all hours at one hours sixty minutes of bulletin coverage news actual report.

Media Corp TV12 Suria (Suria) Launched 31 January 1984 as SBC TV12 (TV12) 31 January 1994 as Twelfth Frequency 31 January 1995 as Perdana 12 31 January 2000 as Media Corp TV12 Suria Network Media Corp TV12 Owned by Media Corp Picture format PAL 576i(SDTV) 4:3 Slogan Sinar Bersama Anda Country Singapore Language Malay (Malaysian and Indonesian) Broadcast area Nationwide Headquarters Bestway Building Formerly called Perdana 12 Twelfth Frequency SBC TV12 (TV12) Replaced Perdana 12 Twelfth Frequency SBC TV12 (TV12) Sister channel(s) Media Corp TV12 Okto Media Corp TV12 Vasantham Website suria.Availability Terrestrial Media Corp - Analogue (PAL-B) Channel 12 (224.25 MHz) Satellite Media Corp - Digital (DVB-T) Channel 12 (224.25 MHz) Cable Star Hub TV Channel 104 Media Corp (via SCTV socket) Channel 12 (224.25 MHz) IPTV mio TV Channel 4 Media Corp TV12 Suria or Suria (Chinese: 朝阳频道) is a Malay language channel featuring local and acquired Malay dramas and popular programmes.

Suria has achieved recognition outside the Malay community drawing media attention in Singapore and abroad.

Contents 1 History of Suria 2 Suria, Sinar Bersama Anda 3 Transmission Hours 4 Opening and Closing times 4.1 Startup 4.2 Closedown 5 Local Programmes 5.1 Current Affairs & News 5.1.1 News News Current Affairs 5.2 Dramas 5.3 Info-ed 5.4 Movies 5.5 Variety 5.6 Awards Show 6 Acquired Malay Programs 7 Hari Raya movie special year 2010 8 Hari Raya Aidiladha movie special year 2010 9 Special Movie for year 2011 9.1 Indonesian Shows 9.1.1 Drama 9.1.2 Info-ed 9.1.3 Variety 9.2 Malaysian Shows 9.2.1 Drama 9.2.2 Info-ed only Malaysia 9.2.3 Variety 10 International Shows 11 Suria Artists 11.1 Male 11.2 Female 11.3 Newscasters 11.4 Notable Former Newscasters 11.5 Notable Former Newscasters 12 External links History of Suria Media Corp TV12 Suria was launched on 31 January 2000 replacing Perdana 12 it was launched since on 1 October 1994 as Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) names Singapore Television Twelve (STV12) was launched since on 31 January 1994 as Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) names Twelfth Frequency or Channel 12.

Suria - which means "Sun" in Malay - transmits a blend of programmes to reflect the unique views, culture and lifestyles of the modern Malay Singaporean.

As a dedicated Malay channel, Suria is the channel of choice of the Malay community in Singapore and aims to be the number one channel for the Malay community in the region.

The channel aims to provide news and entertainment programs that reflect the culture of its target demographic.

Suria, Sinar Bersama Anda Suria originally used the tagline, "Suria, Sinaran Hidup Anda" which means Suria, Shine In Your Life and Semakin Bersinar which means Shining Even Brighter.

It then changes to a new tagline in 2008 Suria, Sinar Bersama Anda which means Suria, Shines With You reflects the channel's desire to be the heartbeat of the Malay community, networking closely with them and understanding their needs and aspirations.

With a multicultural and International feel, Suria not only reflects the affluent, educated and new breed of the Singapore Malay it also provides a window for those who wish to understand the Malay community.

Transmission Hours Transmission hours are from pm to am midnight every day (daily) and public holidays from pm to am midnight under same time daily or did not longer is a 24 hours during began of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Puasa but at pm to am midnight under same time it plays the national anthem.

Opening and Closing times Startup Suria start at pm.

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