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Szmolinsky claims once the animals arrived Kim ate them himself as part of his birthday celebrations. In 2004, a former chef for Kim revealed the North Korean leader employed staff to make sure the grains of rice served to him were absolutely uniform in size and colour. In 2010 Kim Jong-Il banned the World Cup from being broadcast in North Korea unless the national team won. Read more: North Korea threatens South with 'merciless retaliation' as anniversary of deadly island artillery barrage looms 16.The communist country's state-run TV stations were ordered not to broadcast live matches or games involving other nations, with only heavily edited highlights of North Korean victories permitted to be screened. He has collected more than 20,000 foreign films - with his favourites including Rambo and Friday 13th. During a 2001 visit to Moscow by rail he had roast donkey flown to his train every day. In the 1950s he built an entire city called Kijong-Dong that was designed only for propaganda.

They tried to escape but eventually relented, making a string of movies for him including the cult Godzilla rip-off Pulgasari. After being told by doctor's to give up smoking in 2007, Kim quit then decided he needed to go one step further to protect his health and so outlawed fags for the rest of his compatriots with a nationwide ban. According to Russian emissary Konstantin Pulikovsky, who travelled with Mr Kim by train across Eastern Europe, Kim had live lobsters air-lifted to the train every day which he ate with silver chopsticks. An official biography on the North Korean state website declared Kim Jong Il did not defecate. Read more: World War Three: What would happen if a nuclear missile was launched at the UK? After suffering a back injury following a horse riding accident, Kim was prescribed painkillers.

Fearful of becoming addicted, he ordered a half-dozen of his closest staff to receive the same injection under the logic that if he became dependent, he wouldn't be the only one. As well as being something of a foodie, Kim knew his booze.

According to Hennessy, Kim was one of their single biggest customers, importing £350,000 worth of the cognac every year.

Word going around is that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il may be gravely ill.

Kim Jong Il has died of heart failure at the age of 69 - after 17 eccentric years as North Korea's 'Dear Leader' . His official biography claimed his birth was foretold by a swallow and led to the appearance of a double rainbow along with the emergence of a new star in space.

The dictator issued strange decrees and fed the personality cult around him. He went on to spread the myth among his subjects that his mood could control the weather. You may not be aware of this, but Kim Jong-Il was the world's greatest golfer...

According to an official government handout marking his 62nd birthday, Kim celebrated by demolishing a par 72 course in just 34 strokes, managing a world record five holes-in-one on the way.

To top it all, the superhuman round was apparently the first time he had actually played the sport.

Read more: North Korea is building tunnel at nuclear test site, new satellite images show 3.

In 2006, German giant rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky was contacted by Pyongyang, asking if they could buy 12 of the bumper bunnies.

Having seen the massive rabbits in a newspaper, Kim planned to set up a breeding programme to boost meat production in the famine-hit country.


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