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The establishment of civilization can primarily be credited to the creation of agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago.Throughout the years between then and today, agriculture has not only developed itself, but it has developed other major aspects of civilization as well.Agriculture began as a way to survive without the need to be nomadic, but the skill expanded and created other skills like trade, social classes, and workforce.

Up until the eighteenth century, agriculture was slow growing, therefore making trade limited from shortage, but when the Industrial Revolution created new mechanized systems, the amount of labor decreased while the amount of product increased.

The machinery invented during the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century directly corresponds with the new found complexity of global socioeconomics because the inventions and innovations resulted in an increase in optimized population and surplus (Kiminori).

All across the world, farmers have developed tools and implements to improve the efficiency of their labor.

In the mid-eighteenth century, Europeans began inventing new machinery, leading to a transition from wooden materials, to metal materials.

These changes sparked the agriculture we know today.

When we see agriculture, we think wheat fields, John Deere tractors, and business, but back in the 18th century, the transition of industry and machinery, allowed the transition from small business to big business, and therefore, a larger economy.An example of the transition into industrial farming, is the innovation of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney (Danhof).The original roller gin was constructed in India, where the cotton plant was placed into a hand-operated device for the separation of the seed and the fiber.Due to the lint and the seed being stuck together so well, only about 75 pounds of cotton fiber could be processed in a day, leaving the price too high and the demand too low.Once Eli Whitney’s innovations on the cotton gin were proved to be a success by producing seven times the cotton than the original, he was granted his own patent.In an economic viewpoint of industry, when the price is lowered on a product, more people can afford it, causing the demand to increase (Mellor).


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