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There are sites you pay to join and free sites, sites aimed at fostering long-term relationships and sites with reputations for finding casual hookups.

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I know plenty of couples who have told me that if they saw their significant others profile, they probably wouldnt have chosen them off a dating site.

All the characteristics and qualities these sites filter religious and political beliefs, preferences for cats versus dogs, or whether youd rather eat tofu or steak may not actually make a bit of difference when it comes connecting with someone in person. University of Iowa assistant professor Kang Zhao and UI doctoral student Xi Wang are part of a team of researchers which recently developed an algorithm aimed at helping online daters overcome their tendency to cling to what they think they want.

The algorithm uses a persons past contact history on a site to attempt to predict who theyd like to contact in the future.

Think of it like Netflix, but with potential dates instead of movies.

Instead of searching for the tall, dark and handsome profiles you tell the site you prefer, for example, the algorithm might notice you actually click on profiles of people who are short and blonde.

It would then start recommending more short, blonde peoples profiles.Or the dating site might be recommending people with similar interests who sound perfect, when you really want someone to introduce you to something new. The algorithm also takes into account the "attractiveness level of users, based on how many people have contacted them, and recommends profiles to people more likely to contact them.Im a little less clear on how that works and suspect its not entirely politically correct.This is my lonely hearts club confession: Im jumping back into the world of online dating.I use the word confession because there still is some stigma attached to the practice.When I asked my friends to share their Internet dating stories, many were only willing to talk if they could remain anonymous.


  1. Simply swipe right ("ja") if someone takes your fancy or left for no ("nej").

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