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Kady becomes romantically involved with Courtney Lovett (Charlotte Sullivan), a local woman and the daughter of his host, much to the chagrin of Caine, who is also in love with her.

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Populace 436 online dating

Anyone who expresses a desire to leave is treated for the 'fever' by Dr.

Greaver with electroshock therapy or, in extreme cases, frontal lobotomy.

It gradually becomes apparent to Kady that the residents of Rockwell Falls have no intention of allowing him to leave.

After witnessing the execution of a seemingly willing woman at a town feast, Kady becomes hysterical, and is taken to the clinic to be treated for the 'fever'.

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If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. On the way to Rockwell Falls he is distracted by a woman falling off a horse and his vehicle hits a pothole and bursts two tires.

He is eventually picked up by Bobby Caine (Fred Durst), the Sheriff's Deputy, who drives him into Rockwell Falls and helps him find a place to stay.

During his stay, Kady notices a number of increasingly strange things about the town, people acting awkward, and strange.

People make vague allusions to 'the fever', and several residents treat him as though he were not just a visitor, but has moved to Rockwell Falls permanently.

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