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Ruby provides a program called ERB (Embedded Ruby), written by Seki Masatoshi.ERB allows you to put Ruby codes inside an HTML file.ERB reads along, word for word, and then at a certain point, when it encounters a Ruby code embedded in the document, it starts executing the Ruby code.

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Where other frameworks use extensive code generation from scratch, Rail framework uses Metaprogramming techniques to write programs.

Ruby is one of the best languages for Metaprogramming, and Rails uses this capability well.

Rails also uses code generation but relies much more on Metaprogramming for the heavy lifting.

Rails introduces the Active Record framework, which saves objects into the database.

Each behaves slightly differently, making your entire software development cycle easier.

For example, Rails creates a fresh copy of the Test database for each test run.

To develop a web application using Ruby on Rails Framework, you need to install the following software − We assume that you already have installed a Web Server and a Database System on your computer.

You can use the WEBrick Web Server, which comes with Ruby.

The Rails version of the Active Record discovers the columns in a database schema and automatically attaches them to your domain objects using metaprogramming. NET or Java force you to write pages of configuration code.

If you follow the suggested naming conventions, Rails doesn't need much configuration.

You often create temporary code in the early stages of development to help get an application up quickly and see how major components work together.

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